The School PrincipalMessage From the principal's Desk

It is my pleasure to launch this official website for LANGATA BOYS HIGH SCHOOL hereafter also known as LANGATA SCHOOL aka LA. The website is meant to provide information on all the activities,programmes and projects taking place in school.
I took over the school from my predecesor on 4th MAY, 2017.My duties and responsibilities as the principal of the school include:

  1. Teaching in my subject areas' chemistry and biology and administering teaching and learning functions for all the teachers and students.
  2. General school administration which encompases teaching and learning function which includes:
    1. Teaching and learning
    2. Evaluation
    3. Discipline
    4. Guidance and Counselling
    5. Moral and Spiritual
    6. Talent development.
  3. Human resource management for all the key stake holders, the teachers, the students,the parents, the support staff and the community around the school
  4. Financial management and controls ranging from budgeting,revenue collection, procurement,expenditures, accounting,auditing and reporting
  5. Any other revelant duty as assigned by the TSC and The Ministry of Education.